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In Need of High Quality Commercial Refrigeration in the Gold Coast? Reach Out to IPC for the Best Selection of Commercial Fridges and Freezers

Opening or renovating a restaurant, diner, or coffee shop café can be a truly exciting time in the lives of business owners. You get to design your building from the ground up, weighing in on every decision from the colour of the walls to the type of food you want to serve. Of course, while this time is exhilarating, it can also be quite overwhelming if you don’t find some ways to cut financial corners.

Luckily, when it comes to quality commercial refrigeration in the Gold Coast, there’s a simple way to get exactly what you want. Partnering with a trusted company who has been providing commercial freezers in the Gold Coast for years can ensure your business receives a top-notch piece of cooling equipment. Plus, if you work with the right company, you might find the commercial fridges in the Gold Coast that you look at can also benefit you in other ways.

How Energy Efficient Commercial Fridges in the Gold Coast Can Help You

We all know that energy efficiency is a good choice. Not only is energy efficiency a greener choice when it comes to the environment, but it’s also a more affordable choice when it comes to finances. Any business owner looking to ensure they can find ways to keep their utility bills to a minimum should consider purchasing energy efficient coldrooms or commercial freezers for their new Gold Coast restaurant or café.

Coldrooms and industrial freezers or refrigerators are a necessity for most restaurants but can use a lot of energy. Finding ways to ensure your freezer or coldroom purchase is more energy efficient could end up saving you a lot of money per month in the long run. Before going out and purchasing the first coldroom or commercial refrigerator you see, talk to the top name in energy efficient coldroom creation: Insulated Panel Contractors.

Find Out More about Insulated Panel Contractors

Insulated Panel Contractors (IPC) is a group of dedicated, experienced workers with over 30 years of experience both designing, planning, and building energy efficient structures and solutions. Not only do we have experience building energy efficient home and portable structures, but we’re also well-versed in constructing energy efficient freezers and coldrooms for businesses.

We’re committed to offering quick, affordable, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient coldrooms. We have experience working with most types of coldrooms, which means we can offer you top notch advice throughout the process. Using our innovative insulated panel technology, we can help protect your coldroom from running up your energy bill each month.

Ready to find out how much energy and money you can save by working with IPC? Browse some of our services or reach out to us on 0412 925 049 to get started on your first order. Have questions? No problem – our diligent customer service team is always happy to walk you through our process.

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