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Get More Enjoyment and Use out of Your Insulated Patio Roof Panels in Gold Coast or Brisbane

When the summertime rolls around, it’s hard not to want to be outside. Australian summers may be hot, but they’re gorgeous, and taking the time to enjoy the warm weather is a big part of enjoying life in these parts. Unfortunately, sitting out in the sun all day means risking sunburn, while putting a roof or cover over your patio, deck or outdoor seating area won’t always do much to keep it cool and comfortable.

Try Insulated Patio Roofing in Brisbane

At Insulated Panel Contractors, we have a solution that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor seating area more than ever before. We manufacture and sell insulated roof panels in Brisbane, meant specifically for patios, decks, carports and other outdoor areas. Similar to other outdoor roof panels, our insulated roof panels provide shade and relief from direct sunlight. For you and your guests, that means avoiding sunburn and heat exposure. For your car, it means preventing sun spots on the paint job.

However, shade is only a part of the equation with our insulated roof panels in Brisbane. Indeed, non-insulated patio covers and carport covers only provide shade. They still heat up rapidly in the sun and don’t do much to provide cooler temperatures. As a result, even when you are sitting on a shaded patio or deck, you can still get hot very quickly—especially on particularly sunny days. Similarly, even cars parked in shaded carports will feel piping hot when you climb inside each day.

If you are looking for relief from the heat as well as the sun, then an insulated roof design is a must. At Insulated Panel Contractors, our insulated roof panels in Gold Coast feature a layer of foam sheets between the aluminium panelling that makes up most of the roof design. These slabs of foam help to absorb some of the heat from the surrounding aluminium, which means that the roof panels themselves don’t heat up as quickly and don’t ever get as hot. In turn, the insulated design helps prevent heat transfer, thereby keeping your patio, deck, carport, or outdoor seating area cooler and more comfortable.

Spend More Time Outside with an Insulated Patio Design from Insulated Panel Contractors

Do you wish to spend more time outdoors in the summertime? Have you gone outside to read a book, enjoy a beer, have a meal, or do some work under the shade of your patio roof—only to find that the shade didn’t provide much protection from the heat? By implementing an insulated patio design for your Brisbane home, you can get more relief on hot days without sacrificing sun protection. Our insulated roof panels will keep you cool and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy more time outdoors and make better use of your outdoor areas.

To learn more about our insulated roof panels in Gold Coast and Brisbane, call Insulated Panel Contractors on 0412 925 049.

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