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Get a Custom Cool Room Design in Brisbane: Trust Insulated Panel Contractors as Your Cool Room Builders and Manufacturers

Having a cool room that is the right size, shape, and design is essential for any business that uses refrigerated goods. If your cool room is too small, you won’t have enough space to store food, drinks, medical supplies and more. If your cold room is too large, on the other hand, you will be spending money too cool space that you aren’t using. Getting a cold room that is just the right size and shape, therefore, is a worthwhile investment.

Count on Insulated Panel Contractors as Your Cold Room Builders in Brisbane

At Insulated Panel Contractors, we focus on helping businesses like yours meet their cold room needs. As cool room builders in Brisbane, we can design and manufacture a cool room that fits into your building design, meets your storage needs, and incorporates any other must-have features. With 30 years of industry experience behind us, we know the art of cold room design and can offer the kind of tailored solutions that you require.

Over the years, we have worked with businesses across all types of industries and at all different stages. We’ve worked with new restaurants and pubs that called us for their first ever cold room designs. We’ve worked with established hospitals and factories to meet the changing needs of their industries, and we’ve worked with growing food service businesses, helping them to expand their refrigeration designs as they took their operations to the next level. No matter what your business needs out of a cold room design, our cold room manufacturers in Brisbane can offer a solution that will provide years of dependable function.

In all cases, you can expect Insulated Panel Contractors to focus more than just size and shape. While getting a cold room that suits the capacity needs of your business at this moment in time is important, the most important part of our job is making sure that your cool room can maintain a consistent temperature. By outfitting each of our cool rooms with insulated panelling, we ensure that our designs can keep your goods cooled at optimal temperatures. Our cold rooms are also known for their energy efficiency so that you can keep up with any green or sustainable initiatives that your business has pledged to uphold.

Contact Us Today about Your Custom Cool Room Needs

If you need a new cold room design and don’t want to settle for what is standard, give us a call at Insulated Panel Contractors. Our cool room manufacturers in Brisbane would be happy to sit down with you to discuss the specifics of your project and work out an ideal design. To start a dialogue, you can give us a call on 0412 925 049. You can also reach us via email, at ipcpanel@optusnet.com.au, or by filling out the enquiry form on our contact page. We hope to hear from you soon!

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